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Much More than Martial Arts

Why Seminars?

We teach Martial Arts, yet so much more. We are leaders, continuously fostering the growth of individuals, through various methods. Our work with both children and adults, has challenged us to create a positive environment & minds; overcome challenges; successfully handle bully proofing & stranger awareness; leadership paths; a show of respect & make friends; set and achieve goals; and elevate fitness, self-defense, & martial arts skills. Through our success in these areas, we can assist schools, teams, groups, businesses, and clubs.

Corporate Seminars

Provide fitness, team building, self-defense, or leadership training for your team & employees.

School Seminars

1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week sessions available in a large array of seminar options.

Cross-Training Seminars

Ideal for competitive teams interested in adding additional fitness training to their schedule.

Self-Defense Seminars

A great option for clubs, schools, and businesses, providing individuals the tools to protect themselves.

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