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Muay Thai - Private Training

All Experience Levels

Private lessons are an ideal option for beginners looking for a place to start their Martial Arts journey, for the experienced to level up their techniques & cardio, and for competitors to tighten up their game plan & conditioning for success. We offer both private & semi private options to fit your goals, as well as group seminars. 

Lead Muay Thai Instructor Aaron Kruger

Poo Choi Kru Aaron Kruger has spent years studying, instructing, coaching, & competing in the art of Muay Thai. Studying under Kru Yai Chris Kew & Kru Yai Sean Ragnitz, he brings a depth of knowledge to our Muay Thai program and our numerous recreational students and aspiring competitors. Teaching & cornering both kids & adults, Coach Aaron can develop private training programs for all ages, and all experience levels.  

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Private Training Prices

Multi Session Packages Also Available

Single Private Session


Per 30 Minute Session

60 Minute Also Available

5 Session Package Available

Semi-Private Session


Per 30 Minute Session

Up to 4 Individuals

5 Session Package Available

Group Seminar


1 Hour Session

Includes Up To 30 Students

$6.00 per Extra Individual

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