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Building a Better Business

Corporate Seminars

We all know that Our Employees ARE Our Business. Professional growth is often directly related to their own personal growth. Our primary goal at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts is to help facilitate that growth. Our team has several services available that will improve and influence the strengthening of your team, and guide them further towards their peak mental & physical performances, resulting in a results driven team.

Team-Building Seminar

We utilize several exercises, physical & mental, to provide valuable bonding experiences. We speak to goal setting, positive minds & problem solving.

Fitness/Martial Arts Seminar

Exercise leads to a positive mind, and higher energy output. Teach your team something new, while getting their body & mind to peak performance.

Self-Defense Seminar

We provide your team with the tools to protect themselves during & after work hours, as well as build their own self confidence.

Corporate Employee Sponsorship

We offer several corporate packages geared towards providing your employees with a physical outlet, providing various types of health benefits. All of our programs encourage respect, teamwork, discipline, and dedication, while improving concentration, confidence, and focus. A recipe that leads to increased productivity, positivity, and eagerness.

Through sponsorship you can purchase a package of memberships at a discount, based on business size, as well as the option to contribute a specific amount on behalf of your corporation, allowing the employees to join at a vastly reduced rate. 

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