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Investing in our Future

Virtual Lessons Available

Our goal is to continuously be a larger support to our community. We are highly focused on the welfare of children, and have a team of trained individuals that visit various schools providing seminars, many of them at absolutely no cost to the schools. We work with the school and teachers to determine the current needs of the students, and develop an appropriate plan. We recognize how hard our teachers are working, the challenges they are encountering with youth seem to only be growing, and we would like to offer our support in the classroom, with the lessons teachers are already providing. The curriculum can be discussed and adjusted to focus on your preferences. We understand that drugs and suicide are some of the deeper challenges our youth are encountering at this time and we would speak to the self-confidence, awareness, and channeling thoughts and decisions into alternative avenues, as well as a focus on coaching and mentors. Through our lessons, we look to encourage, inspire, and motivate, with an emphasis on core values, principles, and morals.

Martial Arts Seminar

A program designed to be taught within a schools physical fitness curriculum. 1 day introductory options are also available.

Fitness Seminar

Our program can elevate current curriculum, and add something new to the fitness regimen of both students and teachers. 

Self-Defense Seminar

Offered to both students & teachers, we offer this in a week long program format, 1 day over multiple weeks, or a 90 min session.

Bully Proof Seminar

A successful seminar through our location, yet designed so that we may also bring it to you.

Goal Setting Seminar

Youth preparing for their futures, or just trying to make it through the week, will strongly benefit.

Stranger Danger Seminar

Students learn how to read their surroundings and protect themselves in difficult situations.

Leadership Seminar

We all need to assist with molding our leaders of the future, and these seminars will create the path.

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