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Fast Track Your Training

Private Lessons

Private instruction is available and is a great way to learn martial arts for several reasons. If you are nervous about starting in a group class, looking for personal fitness training, or want to build up your self-defense skills, a private lesson is a great way to start. Also if you are currently enrolled in one of our programs, and you have several questions that pertain specifically to your development, private lessons are a great way to address your challenges.

Private Lessons - Martial Arts

The ideal option for those looking to take their training to the next level, perfect specific techniques, or interested in competing.

Private Lessons - Fitness

Designed uniquely for each individual, working their strengths and weaknesses, while improving cardio & assisting with weight loss.

Semi Private Lessons

Technically specific training sessions for groups of 4 or less looking to level up training, develop game plans, or address specific challenges.

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